Astrology provides a spiritual guidance that one may or may not accept. It depends upon your individual thinking & faith to believe or not to believe in it. The astrological consultation which I do, is based upon the analysis of the horoscope made by me using the birth details of the person, given to me. I shall not be held liable to provide the service again, if there was a mistake in the first place on your-side while giving me the birth details. All the suggestions made by me are based on astrological analysis done by me using the concepts & remedies of the vedic astrology only (Jyotish). I should personally not be held responsible for the results you get in future. I have all the rights reserved for doing or not doing the consultation for any person, for any reason. There could be many reasons like you have made derogatory statements against me via email or social media platforms & so on. In any case of rejection of consultation services, I will refund your money in full, you paid for consultation.